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Organic Chocolate Made Sustainably & Ethically

Before Playin Choc, Maya was working in design and teaching. Before that she did a masters degree in scenography at Central St Martins. She then decided to give herself a challenge of designing a playful, fun and educational and eco conscious toy.

As well as making sure Playin Choc products are educational and fun for children, Playin Choc also ensure their chocolate is as delicious as possible and environmentally responsible. They do this by sourcing organic, single-origin, Peruvian cacao beans from small, family owned farms. No mass production, Playin Choc keep their carbon footprint as low as possible!

They also use the finest organic Madagascan vanilla and organic creamed coconut from Indonesia! Not only does this improve the flavour of their chocolate, it also means they way that these ingredients are grown is kinder and healthier for you, nature, wildlife and the environment.

At Peace With The Wild we stock a wonderful selection of hand-picked Playin Choc products that are perfect as gifts but also an amazing way of having educational fun through the day. Supplied in eco-friendly and plastic free packaging all of Playin Choc packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, kind to you and our planet!

Organic & Vegan Friendly Chocolate That Is Fun

Playin Choc was founded by Maya with the philosophy of joy, health and planet! Playin Choc has now gone on to be multi award-winning and loved by all. Not only is Playin Choc delicious it is also fun and educational for children, it is also free from gluten, soy, nuts, dairy and sesame which is great for allergy sufferers. Playin Choc like to keep their ingredients simple yet tasty with purely high quality cacao, coconut and vanilla which is all sourced fairly.

7 products

Products (7)