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The Plastic Free & Zero Waste Solution To Household Cleaning

Transform the way you clean your home, bathroom and kitchen with Ocean Saver cleaning drops! What's great is that they remove the need for single-use plastic, are non-toxic and 100% plant-based.

Ocean Saver have developed an innovative and eco-friendly cleaning solution that is easy to use and super effective.

Each Ocean Saver cleaning drop is a water soluble sachet that dissolves in water and leaves behind zero waste. Ideal for use with a reusable glass cleaning spray bottle, Ocean Saver cleaning drops also works in soft and hard water areas.

Proven to perform, Ocean Saver have been given the Good HouseKeeping tick of approval in 2020 for their Anti-bac EcoDrop.

All supplied in plastic free, recyclable and reusable packaging that is eco-friendly. At Peace With The Wild we have a zero waste selection of Ocean Saver cleaning drops that are perfect for cleaning your home the vegan, toxic-free way without the use of single-use plastic!


Save Plastic Bottles From Reaching The Ocean

Ocean Saver was born from a deep love of the sea and concern over single use plastic. Did you know there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050! Ocean Saver believe small action can create sea change and they have done this by creating effective, vegan plant-based home cleaning solutions that are 100% plastic free.


Ocean Saver
Ocean Saver
15 products

Products (15)