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Made Using Corn Starch & Microplastic Free

The Green Poop Bag is made up of a passionate team who love caring for the planet and their pets!

What makes The Green Poop Bag different is that instead of being 100% plastic they are made from a corn and sugar starch blend which is a by-product so nothing goes to waste. They have also been TUV and EN 13432 tested and certified to degrade in the UK climate within 3-6 months into natural elements!

That means The Green Poop Bag is microplastic free and zero waste! Did you know microplastics are broken down pieces of plastic which pollute the environment, degrading soil quality and also entering waterways causing harm to aquatic life.

Not just made by anyone! The Green Poop Bag was developed by Denise and a group of pet owners, for a bespoke poop bag that helps tackle the plastic pollution crisis.  That is why The Green Poop Bag are passionate about protecting our planet and keeping it green. They also love to give back, donating to Friends of the Earth charity to help support their incredible work.

At Peace With The Wild we stock The Green Poop Bag compostable dog poop bags that have been chosen for their eco-friendly and sustainable credentials. Shop The Green Poop Bags in a range of different bags and pack sizes suitable for all dogs ages, breeds and even suitable for cleaning up after cats!

Compostable Green Poop Bags That Are Environmentally Friendly

The Green Poop Bag was founded by Denise who wanted to create a compostable dog poop bag that is kinder to our planet. As a dog owner to an incredible German Shepherd called Ebi, Denise realised how long plastic poop bags actually take to decompose and that this has a significant impact on our planet. Ready to make a change and after talking to fellow dog owners  The Green Poop Bag was born!

4 products

Products (4)