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Cruelty-Free From Start To Finish

Nirvana Natural care about how they make their products! What's great is all Nirvana products are cruelty-free from start to finish.

Did you know all Nirvana Natural skincare and haircare products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their purest and most natural form. This ensures that all their goodness, rejuvenating, revitalising and healing elements remain fully present and at their most effective.

Carefully selected ingredients and botanicals that are healing and work in harmony with your skin and hair, to heal, protect and nourish. So you can look for best and feel healthy!

At Peace With The Wild we stock a natural and cruelty free collection of Nirvana Natural skincare and haircare products that have all been hand-picked for their sustainable, eco credentials. Supplied in plastic free packaging that can be recycled or reused! We also stock Nirvana natural shampoo and natural conditioner that comes in reusable and refillable options.


Natural Haircare & Skincare That Is Plastic Free

Nirvana was founded in 1990 from humble beginnings to now and have never changed their ethos of being naturally based, cruelty free products that are effective. Discover Nirvana Natural skincare and haircare, even Nirvana award-winning nettle and jasmine shampoo! With caring and gentle ingredients that are kind to your skin, hair and the earth.


27 products

Products (27)