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Effective Eco-Friendly Dental Care By Organically Epic

Organically Epic make sure sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, they also focus on efficacy! Ensuring that their eco-friendly dental care products are as zero waste as possible but also works the very best is just as important. No one want's a products they cant use, lets be honest!

Organically Epic use only high quality materials and ingredients that are sustainable, such as natural bamboo, stainless steel and organic cotton. What's great is all Organically Epic products are packaged in cardboard that can be recycled. Organically Epic also ensure that employees are looked after and and that includes people who work for and with Organically Epic.

Organically Epic can also been seen in various magazines such as Vegan Life, Stylist Magazine, Natural Health and many more!

At Peace With The Wild you can shop our natural and organic collection of Organically Epic products that have all been hand-picked for their eco credentials. Organically Epic also supply all of their eco-friendly dental care products in plastic free and sustainable packaging that can be recycled or reused! Organically Epic is great for anyone who is looking to transform their dental routine into one that is earth friendly, cleaner and healthier.


Eco-Friendly Dental Care That Is Sustainable

Organically Epic was founded in 2015 by Jayne Clark-Deyner who has a passion for eco-friendly, natural and organic dental care products and was inspired after realising how far it was behind in terms of efficacy and sustainability. Organically Epic ensures the very best natural and organic dental care products that are not only better for your health but for our planets health too. A far more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative!


12 products

Products (12)