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Protecting The Earth & Supporting Education Around The World

VENT For Change creates sustainable and eco-friendly stationery that has been produced in an environmentally friendly way!

Using recycled CD's to make their pencils and Sustainably certified paper for their notebooks and sketchbooks.

VENT For Change are constantly striving to create stylish stationery that you love and has a positive impact on our planet. With pencils being the most iconic educational tool the founder Evan, also launched Share a Pencil Day, which is a global awareness day for UK school children. Evan also launched an ambassador programme which helps provide free pencils to charity and volunteers overseas. A pencil is a powerful tool which can help a child attend school and get an education they deserve!

VENT For Change also donates 10% of all sales to Plan International to help fund children's education around the world.

At Peace With The Wild we stock an eco-friendly selection of VENT For Change stationary that has been hand-picked for their sustainable eco credentials. Shop VENT For Change notebooks, sketchbooks, and recycled pencils that are all supplied in plastic free packaging. Transform your office and pencil case into one that is sustainable and earth friendly!

Sustainable Stationary By VENT For Change

VENT For Change is a sustainable stationary company that protects the planet and helps support children's education projects worldwide. In 2014 environmental entrepreneur Even Lewis, bought a run-down facility producing pencils from recycled CD cases, after improvements Vent For Change was producing more than one million sustainable pencils a year!

19 products

Products (19)