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Sustainable Living Without Single-Use Plastic

Vida Natural products are all about making a positive difference that is environmentally friendly! With eco-friendly gifts and zero waste home products Vida Natural have everything you need for sustainable living.

At Peace With The Wild we stock Vida Natural greeting cards that are all biodegradable, compostable or plantable. Say goodbye to plastic coated cards, in plastic packaging and give a gift that can be used even when it is time for it to be thrown away.

Vida Natural greeting cards are made with seeds, herbs, recycled paper, Cornish seaweed and even elephant dung! All of Vida Natural products support various environmental projects and help contribute to saving our planet.

One of the reasons Sally Bunker started Vida Natural was because of the detrimental effects plastic pollution has on the earth. Did you know plastic bottles take up to 700 years to biodegrade and during that time break down into microplastics which can pollute the environment, degrade soil and water quality, and cause harm to land animals and marine life.

Research also suggests that 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled! Which is why it is so important to opt for sustainable alternatives that are zero waste and plastic free wherever possible. At Peace With The Wild we stock reusable drinking bottles with tumblers by Vida Natural that are washable and can be reused time and time again. Made with eco-friendly stainless steel that is recyclable - say goodbye to single-use plastic!

Zero Waste Home & Plastic Free Gifts

Vida Natural was founded by Sally Bunker who's mission it is to help reduce plastic and provide environmentally friendly alternatives! Plastic is one of the planet's worst polluters and contributes to a number of environmental issues. Vida Natural create eco-friendly products that help reduce your carbon footprint such as plastic free, plantable greeting cards, zero waste sponges, reusable drinking bottles and reusable stainless steel drinking cups!

53 products

Products (53)