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Plastic Free Water Bottles For On-The-Go Hydration

Did you know the majority of water bottles are made from plastic and that even includes some that are made from metal! APE2O have designed an innovative reusable water bottle that provides a solution to the plastic problem.

The anti plastic bottle, bottle! What's great is that APE2O have designed their reusable water bottle so that it is plastic free, no plastic cap, seal or clips. Made using the highest food grade stainless steel, APE2O stainless steel water bottle is eco-friendly, refillable, reusable, sustainable and zero waste!

It has never been more important to help save the earth and reduce your use of plastic by switching to sustainable alternatives such as APE2O stainless steel water bottles. It is estimated that 7 million empty plastic bottles are thrown away and sent to landfill everyday!

APE2O are an amazing company that also offers water refill stations in cities where you can refill your reusable water bottle without having to buy a new bottle. A far more zero waste alternative to disposable options, helping reduce the overcrowding of landfills and amount of plastic pollution.

As part of their innovative, APE2O have donated and helped Zoological Society of London who have developed a world-class programme of marine and freshwater conservation. At Peace With The Wild you can become apart of the plastic solution not problem! Shop APE2O stainless steel water bottle and stay hydrated the plastic free way.

Water Without Plastic

APE2O are passionate about helping save our planet and reduce the use of plastic! Their stainless steel water bottles help fund ocean, beach, river clean ups and conservation project worldwide. At Peace With The Wild we stock APE2O stainless steel water bottle which is double walled insulated and comes with a carry strap for convenient, eco-friendly on-the-go hydration!

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