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Helping Reduce Plastic, One Wash At A Time

Eco Laundry Club is great for helping reduce your use of plastic, one wash at a time!

With Eco Laundry Club you can transform your laundry routine to into one that is plastic free and 100% natural, and say goodbye to plastic bottles and chemical filled detergents.

Plastic laundry bottles often end up going to landfill or shipped overseas where they are illegally incinerated or dumped, polluting our environment and harming wildlife along the way. Unlike Eco Laundry Club, most commercial and conventional laundry products are made with toxic chemicals that can have a negative impact on your health and our planet, so opting for a more natural alternative where possible is always better for everyone.

Eco Laundry Club laundry strips are not just convenient, they are made with you and our planet in mind. Completely zero waste, Eco Laundry Club laundry sheets have been formulated and designed to instantly dissolve in cold or hot temperatures. Making the switch to sustainable solutions such as Eco Laundry Club helps reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the earth for future generations.

Join the plastic free laundry revolution today at Peace With The Wild and shop our wonderful range of Eco Laundry Club!

Eco-Friendly Laundry Solution That Is Plastic Free

Eco Laundry Club are a UK based company that have created revolutionary and ultra-lightweight laundry sheets that are 100% natural and plastic free! If you are seeking an eco-friendly laundry solution look no further, even the packaging that Eco Laundry Club use is plastic free, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Eco Laundry Club offer a far more sustainable alternative to messy powders and liquids that come in a plastic bottle.

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