Sustainable Household Products For A Zero Waste Lifestyle

Moonie was founded by a mother and daughter duo who have a passion for helping consumers make more sustainable choices! All Moonie products are lovingly handmade in their studio in Dorset, UK. At Peace With The Wild we stock Moonie products that are plastic free, vegan, cruelty-free and made ethically from only sustainable materials.


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Eco-Friendly Products Handmade In The UK

Moonie is on a mission to make eco-friendly and sustainable products more accessible, affordable and attainable. The mother and daughter team understand that living a zero waste lifestyle does not have to be perfect, but making it easier for people to swap to plastic-free and environmentally friendly products is what matters.

At Peace With The Wild we stock Moonie reusable bin liners which are a fantastic plastic free and zero waste alternative to disposable bags. All handmade and designed to last, Moonie bin liners are washable so you can reuse them time and time again.

Transform your home with eco-friendly Moonie products that help reduce waste and care for the earth. All Moonie products are supplied in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging which can be recycled or reused!