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Rowdy Kind Shampoo Bars, The Eco-friendly Alternative

Rowdy Kind shampoo all in one bars are a far more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable bottles! Also because Rowdy Kind bars are plastic free they do not leak toxins or contain micro-plastics which are damaging to our planet and our health.

What was the inspiration behind Rowdy Kind? Rowdy Kind started with a series of challenging questions from Kate’s son Chris, then 7, during bath time one evening: “Why do we use plastic bottles if they are so bad?” and “Why are you still using baby shampoo on me?” started the search for a better bath time solution.

Kate wanted something that was made of quality ingredients and specifically formulated for kids sensitive skin, and Chris wanted something that wasn’t for babies, gender neutral (not Pink vs Blue), was “Cool and Fun” and most importantly plastic free!

A few months later, Kate was visiting then new mum Anne Marie (fun fact, Anne Marie is Kate’s sister-in-law) in Canada and shared the concept of Rowdy Kind. The entire vacation quickly became a working session and the two mums were officially on a joint plastic free bath time mission. The rest is history!

At Peace With The Wild we stock Rowdy Kind bars that are plastic free and made with vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free ingredients. Rowdy Kind shampoo bars also come in scented or unscented options that are even suitable for children with sensitive skin types! All Rowdy Kind is supplied in plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable packaging which means your kid can enjoy bath time the plastic free way.

Plastic Free & Vegan Shampoo For Children

Rowdy Kind was founded by Kate and Anne Marie who are sister in laws! The two mums shared the concept of Rowdy Kind and before they knew it were officially on a joint plastic free bath time mission. Rowdy Kind was launched in 2020 and now stock a full range of plastic free body care for children.

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